I create identities
& brands, with
a combination 
of analytical 
and emotional approach.

My aim is to be emotionally precise when
I design communication, whatever the medium is —
logo, website, physical object, photo or space.

Feel free to contact me by line71@gmail.com

Meanwhile teaching at School of Form SWPS University:

●  Branding  
●  Photography
●  Presentation and Portfolio 
●  Introduction to Communication
●  Book Design
●  Packaging design 

And sometimes taking part in exhibitions:
░ Personal photo-exhibition on poetry in relations between people and urban environment "Between The Lines" Przystań Between Bałtyk and Concordia / Poznań / Poland / 2018
░ Participation in the exhibition on Gdynia Design Days “Młodzi na Start” Elle Decoration / Polska / 2017
░ Participation in the exhibition at Arena Design Poznań / Polska / 2016
░ Participation in the exhibition NIE.STALOŚĆ curated by Monika Patuszyńska — Instytut Designu Kielce / Polska / 2015
░ Participation in the art exhibition with personal ink & syringe series — Regional Museum of Art at Chernivtsi / Ukraine / 2003

Also I designed trestle legs table system
and won main prize at Gdynia Design Days
“Young Start” contest by Elle decoration Poland 2017

私はダネリウク・ダニェル です。 アイデンティティデザイナーです。

School of Form SWPS 大学でコミュニケーション、
ブックデザイン、写真を 教えています

人間の知覚について考え、 デザインと写真から歌を見つけようとしています。